2007 12 Outdoor Advertisement Administration Law Amendments (Korea Out of Home Advertising Center Founding Basis)
2008 05
Korea Municipality Financial Mutual Aid Association Opening
Outdoor Advertisement Administration Law Enforcement Ordinance (Proceeds Allocation Basis Creation)
Beginning of the 1st Fund Creation Out of Home Advertising
2010 07~
Unfolding of Signboard Culture Advancement Campaign (SIGNSCAPE 2010/2011 etc)
Implementation of Cyber Education to Out of Home Advertising Practitioner and Civil Servants
2011 12
Resolution on Signboard Improvement Pilot Project
Implementation of Signboard Improvement Consultation (New Cities, Innovation Cities, etc)
2012 04
Sign Frontier Implementation
Selection of the 2nd Fund Creation Out of Home Advertising Operator
2013 01
Started a second Out of Home Advertising project for fund raising
Creation of Sign Improvements Division that Dedicates to Consulting
Establishment of a Comprehensive Strategy to promote the Out of Home Advertising Industry
2014 02 Hold an Industry-Academy-Government Meeting for Developing the Out of Home Advertising
2015 07
Sign Improvement demonstration project target area, 1st attempt to Design Consulting
Korea Out of Home Advertising Center Development Plan, Ministry of Interior approval
2016 01
Beginning of the 3rd Fund Creation Out of Home Advertising
Outdoor Advertisement Administration and Industry Promotion Law Enforcement Ordinance
1st attempt to Educate Digital Advertisement
2017 05
Awarded the Presidential Citation for Out of Home advertising advancement.
Out of Home Statistics designated as The Government Approved Statistics.
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