Basis of Promotion - Outdoor Advertisement Administration and Industry Promotion Law Article No.6-Section 4, Article No.11-Section 4. - Enforcement Ordinance of the above-mentioned Law」Article No. 30-Section 2 ※ funding for the successful opening of advertisement maintenance and major international events; upon the ※ approval of ministry of the interior at the fulfillment of Korea Out of Home Advertising Center.
Promotion Procedures
Drawing up of a Business Plan, Reviewed by Out of Home Advertising Policy Reviewing Committee, Approval by the ministry of the interior, Selection of Business Operators and Execution
Fund Creation Out of Home Advertising Proceeds Allocation
Distribution Ratios : - 2015 Military World Games / 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games / - 2018 Changwon World Shooting Championships / -2019 Gwanju World Championships for Swimming (Municipalities50% : Center 50%)
Operation of Fund Creation Outdoor Advertising
Opening of Out of Home Advertising Policy Committee - Fund Creation Out of Home Advertising General Planning and Installation Special Case Deliberation Approval from 1st to 3rd time,  Review Committee of Outdoor Advertising - 16-appointed-member Advisory made of Academia, Civic Groups ('08. 11.) - Reviewing Members POOL made of 24 members (academia, civic groups etc.), when reviewing, 9 members should be selected ('11. 1.) - Reviewing Members POOL made of 40 supplementary members (academia, business circles, civic groups, etc.), when reviewing, 8 members should be selected
Division in Charge : Advertising Business Dept. +82·3274·2846